How to Plan a Deck Project with TKDB

New Hampshire Design and Construction

First, feel free to give us a call (603)913-0191, we’d love to hear about your project ideas and walk you through our process.

Decks can be small or large, straight forward or complex. Our quality decks, with our signature elegantly-simple design, all start with this collaborative process. To maximize your deck project, just follow these steps:

  1. Think about the space

    This can often take the most time. I recommend sitting in the space, visualizing it in different uses. I also sometimes use tape or string to mark the perimeter or furnishings, giving me a better feel for the space-to-be.

  2. Get design ideas

    Many people struggle to put into words what they like or dislike… but that’s why we have photos. Use our portfolio and other sources to collect ideas.

  3. Gather information

    For most projects we can get you a quote really fast. In the project survey form we have a list of information we need, but it’ll help you to read it over even if you don’t use the form to submit your project. Many form options can be left blank but there are a few bits of information we require to get the project started. You can include details such desired materials, size, and even attach photos and drawings. We’ll verify dimensions when we meet in person.

  4. Submit your project

    Once you’ve done the thinking and gathered the information, just submit it to us. You can use our online form here, which will guide you through the process. Or, give us a call at (603) 913-0191.

  5. Review your preliminary quote

    We take your project survey and quickly turn around a preliminary quote. Review that number. We’ll talk soon to figure out what works in your budget.

  6. Finalize plans

    We’ll work with you and our in-house design team to ensure your deck makes sense and will be something you’ll enjoy and share. We’ll then get you a final price. A small down-payment secures your spot on our schedule.

  7. Schedule the build

    We’ll work with you and your needs to get the job done in a timely manner.

  8. Build the deck

    Let the professionals handle it from here. As guests we promise to be kind and caring.

  9. Enjoy the deck

    We’ll clean the grounds and check out. Now the deck is yours to enjoy!

At the top of the page is a blank slate of a yard. Here is the finished product. A new outdoor living space. Read this project’s story here: An Outdoor Living Space
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