California Modern Deck With Corten Steel

New Hampshire Design and Construction

This project was initially an old rotted deck on a well designed modern home. It was above a beautiful patio that only had three support piers to stabilize the long expansive old deck. In order to engineer it properly, we made a custom flitch plate beam to meet a 17 foot span of the new large deck. Since we wanted to make a deck that reflected the modern qualities of the home, we designed the posts using corten steel. Corten steel is a strong material that also weathers into a beautiful patina over time, enhancing the style. Finally, the homeowner’s coretn steel planters brought the look together.

With the posts in place, we focused on connecting them with stainless steel cables. We protected each cable with a plastic sleeve to prevent electrolysis–the effect of two different touching metals corroding. The stainless steel cables allowed for an uninterrupted view of the trees from the windows of the home. We then wrapped the rim of the deck with cedar fascia. Using a process call Shou Sugi Ban, we burned and finished the fascia with natural oils.

Our concept was to make a deck that would age beautifully and not just look nice upon initial installation. By combining Ipe decking, corten steel, and charred wood, we brought together materials that looked modern yet weathered. The intention was to not only make clean modern gestures, but to allow the materials of the project to silver and rust into a piece of history.

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