Approach the Pool

The challenge here was to integrate an existing deck with a new much larger deck, and accomplish this with a natural and appealing approach to the pool. We needed to design a new deck that was high enough to reach the above ground pool, while integrating the original deck which sat at a lower height.

Our design process came to a beautiful concept. We connected the two decks with steps along the entire seam. Over both decks we installed cumaru hard wood deck boards so that the entire lower and upper surfaces complimented each other. Access to the decks was also important to the flow and use, so we added stairs to both the lower and upper deck areas.

For the railing we continued the cumaru wood with a varied horizontal patterned cladding. For the far railing we installed stainless steel tension cable, allowing the eye to be drawn to the beautiful wooded back drop. Other features, like the cut out squares on the stair railings, also allowed for a view of the green space beyond the pool.

The really striking element of this deck is the approach to the pool. We used a string to perfectly duplicate the contour of the pool, cut the arc, then sanded the edge smooth. The entire deck uses concealed clips with stainless screws that together ensure there is never a popped up or rusty nail. This pool deck is now a beautiful experience that will remain safe.

With the new deck complete and fully integrated with the old deck, the owners were ready to enjoy their pool just as the weather warmed up. The two decks integrated so well that an owner said, “it was as if this deck was always meant to be here”. We are so glad they are enjoying their new outdoor space!

Construction Drawings

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