Ipe & Cedar by the Pool

A unique pool deck and this time we used ipe for the deck boards and handrails. For the fascia we installed cedar slats. Once again we were integrating an older deck with a new one adjacent to the pool. However, this time we separated the decks with tension cable railing. The tension cable railing allowed for safety around the pool while offering an uninterrupted view of the pool and upper deck.

Below the railing we installed strips of cedar fascia, taking particular care at the stairs where we have the profile of the stair treads peeking through the fascia (the treads and the fascia have a similar pattern and proportion). Finally, we made a custom gate of cedar and ipe, with a kicker to match the fascia pattern and featuring an inlaid design playing off the angles of the deck boards (of the upper deck). It was a fun build and we are excited about the results:

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