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Project Cost: ~$30,000

Sustainability & Design: Black Locust with Cedar

Sustainability and design were top priorities to the homeowners on this project. They sought an environmentally friendly decking material and decided on black locust. Black locust is a beautiful, fast growing, renewable, and rot resistant tree that reduces the demand for rain forest lumber. We used this hardwood for the deck and cascading stairs. Between…
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Connected Cedar Decks with Cable Rails and Trellis

Creating this deck was a special solution to an issue of fragmented space. The homeowners had two old decks separated by a large yard. They envisioned a project that would unite the two decks and connect the outdoor spaces. We redesigned their old decks with cedar and built a third deck to connect the two.…
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Mid-Century Modern Deck

This unique mid-century home had some modern twists. Many of the house details had fifteen degree angles, accentuating the perspective of furniture and spaces. We carried this element into the design of the deck, using pitched posts in the railing. Our edge conditions were playful, matching the spirit of the home. We then added the…
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