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Approach the Pool

The challenge here was to integrate an existing deck with a new much larger deck, and accomplish this with a natural and appealing approach to the pool. We needed to design a new deck that was high enough to reach the above ground pool, while integrating the original deck which sat at a lower height.…
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An Outdoor Living Space

This deck was built at floor-level on sturdy concrete footings and wood post-and-beam framing. Which means it feels like the deck is a natural extension off the room. The height and size is perfectly comfortable and clearly distinguish the deck from the green space below. The materials are mostly pressure treated lumber except for the…
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Cumaru Deck with Border Details

Choosing a decking material that complimented this home lead us to cumaru. Cumaru decking is a beautiful wood that varies in color. By using cumaru for the deck, we matched the red hues of the house. The warm color tones were striking in the special floor details we designed. Patterns stood out in a unique…
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