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California Modern Deck With Corten Steel

This project was initially an old rotted deck on a well designed modern home. It was above a beautiful patio that only had three support piers to stabilize the long expansive old deck. In order to engineer it properly, we made a custom flitch plate beam to meet a 17 foot span of the new…
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Ipe Deck with a Planter Wall

The intention of this project was to create a deck more engaged to the beautiful outdoor space. By designing the deck approximately 28 inches off the ground we could eliminate the need for railings. Thus, avoiding a cagey deck amidst the unique landscape. Our concept was to make very minimal design choices, which included clean…
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Mid-Century Modern Deck

This unique mid-century home had some modern twists. Many of the house details had fifteen degree angles, accentuating the perspective of furniture and spaces. We carried this element into the design of the deck, using pitched posts in the railing. Our edge conditions were playful, matching the spirit of the home. We then added the…
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